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Buckeye Pride BSCM-102

Words and music by Walter Watson

Full set: $ 1.30
Especially well suited for junior and senior high school choirs in the State of Ohio.
Southwest Sketches BSMCM-104

Lewis M. Miller

Full set: $ 1.50
A delightful set of pieces which depicts various aspects of nature in Southwestern United States: Tunuco, Old Volcanoes, Lullaby, Desert and Red River.
Methuselah BSMCM-105

Walter Watson

Full set: $ 1.50
The music is infectious and the text gives a new twist to the Biblical character, Methuselah. It is an entertaining and musically rewarding work. Well suited for high school women.
Man Is But a Reed BSMMC-103

Walter Watson

Full set: $ 1.35
A setting of a famous text by Blaise Pascal which is well suited for high school and college choirs.
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