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Ballad in Blue BSMSO-100

John Ferritto.

Full set: $ 22.50
Conductor’s score: $ 3.00
A valuable addition to the teaching literatrue. Introduce varius musical elements including the study of triplets and accessible contemporary harmonies. There is an optional third violin part included. Grade 21/2 - 3.
Five Early American Tunes BSMSO-101

Samuel Adler.

Full set: $ 40.00
Conductor’s score: $ 6.00
Samuel Adler, one of the country's most respected musicians, composed this very accessible set of five pieces for young string players. It is representative of the many works that Adler has composed for younger players. Grade 2-3.
Sonatina BSMSO-102

Bruce Broughton

Full set: $ 30.00
Conductor’s score: $ 5.00
A colorful piece of medium difficulty for high school strings by one of the country's leading composers of film and concert music. Grade 5.
Rondo-Fugato. BSMSO-103

Bruce Broughton

Full set: $ 35.00
Conductor’s score: $ 5.00
A work for advnced high school strings using a combination of traditional forms. Grade 5-6.
Gateway Serenade BSMSO-104

Walter Watson

Full set: $ 25.00
Conductor’s score: $ 5.00
This work features piano obbligato which is easily handled by high school pianists. It is cheerful in nature and very enjoyable to listen to. Grade 4.
Abernathies on Parade BSMSO-105

Bruce Broughton

Full set: $ 30.00
Conductor’s score: $ 3.00
A lighthearted work that is built on an infectious melody that is presented in various settings throughout. It is wonderfully fresh and appealing. Grade 2-3.
Hill Country Rhapsody BSMSO-106

Richard E. Brown

Full set: $ 47.00
Conductor’s score: $ 7.50
This is a medley of famous Appalachian fiddle tunes including Drunken Hiccoghs, Sally Gooden (version 1), Five Miles from Town,Sally Gooden (version 2), Molly Baker, Chicken Reel, Sally Johnson, Uncle Joe, Leather Breeches, and Wagner. Interest is divided well between sections of the orchestra. Highly recommended. Grade 5.
A Tiny Symphony BSMSO-107

Bruce Broughton

Full set: $ 55.00
Conductor’s score: $ 12.50
Extra part: $ 2.00
A symphony in four movements, albeit short moevemnts, which was written to be used as a concert work itself, and/or to be used as a teaching piece to introduce audiences to standard musical forms: sonata; song form; theme and variations; rondo. It is melodic and contains changing meters and double and triple stop writing, i.e., it requires players with advanced playing abilities.
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