Instrumental Solos and Duets
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Banjo and Fiddle BMCHM-106

William Kroll. Arranged for two violins and piano by Amy Barlowe, edited by Alan Bodman.

Full set: $ 12.00
A very popular concert piece which has been played very often in the solo version. This arrangement for two violins has already been performed on television with great success.
Six Favorite Songs by Franz Schubert, Volume 1 (Violin and Piano) BSMIS-121

Arranged by Amy Barlowe

Full set: $ 7.25
This beautiful set of songs is expertly arranged by Amy Barlowe and captures the essence of Schubert's gift for melodic writing. NOTE: The piano part is not included with this set due to ready availability of Schubert songs in music libraries, music stores, or online music distributors' websites. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED